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Anjaneya Technologies is an IT Company in Lucknow , India
was established by a team of core software professionals endeavoring to provide the best IT Services to the industry.
We at Anjaneya Technologies, understands the state-of-the-art technologies that define the future and can serve as an efficient business transformation catalyst for the clients!
Anjaneya Technologies is a leader, not a follower. Our history and our culture impel us to seek a leadership role in our markets, our multiple technologies, our manufacturing processes, our management practices. anjaneyatech leads primarily by technical innovation and shares a deep belief in the power of technology.

Mission, Vision & Values

The main purpose of Anjaneya Technologies is to attract new visitors, and therefore choosing the right design is the key to success of any App or Website. We embrace the opportunities inherent in change, and we are confident in our ability to help shape the future.
It is essential to be on top in the online marketplace for any business. Anjaneya Technologies offers a wide range of innovative and custom.
Our values define who we are. They guide our actions and behaviour . They influence the way we work with each other – and the way we serve our clients and engage with our communities.


As a complete IT service provider, we at anjaneyatech offer customer oriented services that are fully scalable, economical, robust and flexible for enhanced usability. We adopt the best industry practices to deliver feature packed IT solutions ranging from web and mobile application development to digital marketing solutions.

Web Designing

A good website is one that has the ability to attract and retain visitors. The process of web designing in anjaneyatech includes planning, post-production, research, advertising, as well as media control that is applied to the pages within the site by our designers to deliver the best design to our customers.
Interactive and Dynamic Web Designing Services is one of the most important aspects, any industry or organization would need to push for its online presence.
To make the most of your business's online presence and branding, all that is required is a good website design that is capable to attract the potential target audience and convert it in the possible leads and sales generation of the business organisation.

Software Development

Our software development team works to understand your business objectives and your current operating environment. We develop software solutions that are scalable, extensible and maintainable.
One Stop Solution for All Digital Requirements. Anjaneya Technologies deal in Software Development (like CRM Software, Payroll Software, Hotel Management Software, Travel Software, Doctor Management Software, Hospital Management Software, School Management Software, etc). Software Development Services like ERP and CRM are vital business tools to maintain information flow between all business functions, and manage connections with outside stakeholders.

App Development

We have a top-notch team of developers dedicated to iOS and Android mobile application development at the affordable prices. You can avail custom mobile application development services as per your business need. The credit of developing these apps goes to our some technically savvy and experienced team. We give customized mobile applications, working efficiently across all the multiple devices.
1. iOS Apps Development
2. Android Apps Development


The e-commerce web design and site functionality can be the major differentiator between user delight and user annoyance. A powerful strategy is what it takes to achieve indelible success in e-commerce!
Apart from developing an e-commerce website as per your specifications, we offer complete website designing services under one roof to facilitate your online business and make it more secure and reliable.
We design both B2B (Business To Business) and B2C (Business To Consumer) ecommerce sites. In either case, they are not just easy for the user to navigate, but easy for you to control too! They are easy to maintain.

Digital Marketing

Fast-changing IT technology fructified businesses with Digital power and thus the concept of digital marketing services arose. Search Engine Marketing is the most sought after and efficient form of digital advertisement. Our digital solutions have helped the businesses to increase and attract the right amount of sales through rightly targeted and highly tailored communications with the potential and target customer base of the organisation.
We have the experience and capability to accept these algorithms and move with the improved result. The amount of energy generated in the social world is equivalent to the positive chatter you make around your brand. It is not only the regular maintenance of these accounts but also their optimization that can assist you make a space which looks buoyant and fuels your brand to bigger heights.

Support & Maintenance

We provide expertise for your time to time regular requirements such as ongoing changes, enhancements, regular or on-demand backups/restore, and speed optimization etc. to ensure optimal performance of your dynamic and transactional websites at all times.
anjaneyatech Support team delivers a low-cost approach to make swift changes to your websites or softwares. All you need is to contact our sales team and you will be supported from very the next day. When you need fixed for restoration and resolve urgent website issues, our technical maintenance team are available to respond to your requests for with the best level of cost and benefit affiliation you are comfortable with.


We aspire to use emerging technologies that help enterprises solve business challenges and shape their future. Technology trends are changing the way we work and deliver services or products. Using the right technology can help not only to accelerate various business process, but make different operations flexible, secure the data and improve customer experience.


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